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Friday, January 1, 2010

Do Catholics Read the Bible?

Well that is a silly question. Of course Catholics read the bible. Yet while doing internet research I was amazed to read so much mis-information. I even read that Catholics are forbidden to read the bible. This could not be farther from the truth. The Catholic church has been the collector and protector of sacred scripture since Christ left the earth in the hands of Peter and his successors.

Our Mass is laden with scripture. Many Catholics don't realize how much of the Bible they really know. This is where I want to begin. I want to take the time to read this wonderful gift, our God as the WORD, from front to back. I have studied it other ways but this is my newest journey. Join me.

On the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Website there is a great article about this very topic. It is worth the read: Bible Is for Catholics.   Honestly Catholics journey through the Bible when they follow the daily readings. I have been spending time with scripture this way for years. I have read various works on the many different books of the Bible as well.

I was surprised in my research to read a claim that if a Catholic were to read the Bible that they would discover the truth and abandon their ill found belief. I know this to be false. In fact it is a crazy statement.  I look forward to growing closer to my faith as a result of this read through. The Catechism and the Holy Saints encourage us to read this gift from above and grow in our faith as we do so.
Scripture bears witness to faith in creation "out of nothing" as a truth full of promise and hope.

I am very excited about this journey. As we go we will dive into History, tradition and love of our Lord. Catholic or not I invite you to join me and see how your faith will grow as well.  One thing I ask is that all that join us follow the comment rules before adding their own thoughts.  We want to share but not to offend.  It may be a shock to learn that  "Yes, Catholics do read the Bible!!" Turn that shock into a resolution and join us each day as we go into the Holy Book from beginning to end.  

The plan in to begin the read through Starting January 4th.  We will read a little each day.  The Holy Spirit will guide the length of what is to be read.  Grab your Bible (or just read what I copy) during a quiet time of each day.  Say a prayer before beginning so that the entire read is a prayer.  Then after your own meditation feel free to comment on your own reflections.

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